A design consulting studio.
We strive towards creating “Unique and
Sustainable Businesses”.


”ユニーク”であるためには、0→1でサービスを開発するスタートアップマインドとそれを具現化するクリエイティブへの理解が必須です。”持続可能”であるためには、中長期的な視点に立った戦略的思考と、PDCAサイクルを回し続けられるスタートアップマインドが必須です。クライアントと並走しつつ、自らもサービスを開 発する私たちだからこそ、上記を自信をもって行えます。


At scenica inc., we strive towards creating “Unique and Sustainable Businesses”.

To be “Unique”, people need to have startup mindset such as developing 0 1 business, with creative direction for realizing it. In order to be “Sustainable”, we with our Clients look to have a strategic mindset with long perspective goal, all starting with the implementation of the PDCA cycle.

Let us support you in realizing your vision.

2013年よりCIA Inc.にてBrand Architectとして、店舗のプロトタイピング・デザイン、新規事業のトータル・ ブランディングなどを担当。

2014年より新規事業開発のコンサルティングを行うscenica inc.(シーニカ)を設立しつつ、2DOGS INC.と 共同。業界を問わず事業戦略からクリエイティブ開発、コミュニケーションまで幅広くサービスを提供する。2016年よりJUICE INC.のCCOとしてオンラインメディアREKISHOKU, TimeTravelも運営。

A Business Designer, Ryo Imai is renowned for developing new businesses starting firstly from business strategy; to help establish a foundation for success by producing creative design outputs such as logo, signage, webpage, apps, interior design and architecture.

Ryo has experience working with a wide range of industries and clients including local government, financial institution, airline, logistics, retail, fitness and medical industries.

Born in 1981, Ryo studied at Keio University where he received his Masters Degree in Environment Design. After graduation, he joined the architectural design firm, Nihon Sekkei for 6 years and worked on several projects around the world. He then joined a branding firm, CIA Inc..
In 2014, Ryo started his own firm and partnership with 2DOGS INC. focused on new business/brand development consulting.


scenica inc.
ESTABLISHD: 2014.06(Suspended from 2020.05)
CAPITAL: 2,000,000yen
Okusawa Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan